Name: Rosli (Homepage)
Country: Perak Date: Sun Jan 12 16:29:14 2003
Comment: Hello everybody out there.
Let's be prepared to celebrate our 100 years.
Please contribute to the school, whatsoever you are able to help.
We are going to make it big on 2 nd August 2003.
For sure we will invite our Patron, Datin Seri Hendon

Name: Vinod Nair (Homepage)
Country: Malaysia Date: Tue Nov 26 06:23:28 2002
Comment: I'm from 5 Sc 1 Class of '94
This is a pleasant surprise! I'm very happy to know that my dear ACS is on the web and up-to-date. Can someone please ask Mr. Lai Mann Kheong to contact me. URGENT!
Keep up the great work!

Name: Anusha-^- (Homepage)
Country: Kampar,perak Date: Wed Sep 25 14:49:48 2002
Comment: Anusha.Watt i would like to tell here is im really really very proud to be an ACS student.Especially the students and the teachers here are really friendly.In addition uor school do produce best students in SPM.I guess thats all i can say.SAYONARA!

Name: samurai (Homepage)
Country: malaysia Date: Thu Aug 15 13:04:29 2002
Comment: Sila ambil perhatian bahawa segala keputusan,hukuman serta sangkaan terhadap pelajar mungkin silap.
Mulai hari ini setiap kesalahan anda dalam hayat hidup anda akan dipaparkan

Name: Ho Lee Peng (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 15 18:31:17 2002
Comment: Well Done! Keep up the good work.

I am one of the former student of Methodidst (ACS) Secondary School and I would like to invite all the former students to add your details at

This site is built specially for all the ACS former students.

Name: Siti Nur Hazwani Jauneh (Homepage)
Country: Perak Date: Fri Jun 14 13:23:05 2002
Comment: Ermmm...
I hope this web site will kreatif than sebelum nie... miss all of ya!kita kat sini sihat walafiat.. :-)

Siti ( X student from 2kh2 2001 )
Pengkalan Hulu

Name: Nani (Homepage)
Country: Malaysia Date: Tue Jun 11 05:09:31 2002
Comment: As I was a part of ACS Kampar student,i'm quiet
frustrated with this website.I suggest Cikgu
Shamsumiah @ Cikgu Malik should look at this
website at this website.
What do you think?Do you think that our website is
kinda 'ketinggalan zaman'?Just think-find the
solution-and set-up our new gorgeous website~!
Plsss.~!!And those Sri Kampar Student-
(dun be so proud with your skewl website-just the same!)

Name: m|ss-selfr|dge (Homepage)
Country: Perak Date: Tue Jun 11 04:57:34 2002
Comment: Ay there~hmmm-wanna suggest something 'ere.
In my thought,there's a lots of 'pakar' out there.
I mean...lot's of ACS Student yang mahir di
dalam pembuatan laman web.Why dun Computer
Society set-up a team that sama-sama create
our new website using Macromedia.Makes our
school website more elegant.Thank you.

Name: anusha sehgal (Homepage)
Country: malaysia Date: Tue May 21 07:28:50 2002
Comment: i really prefer this web page as i m also a student of ACS.ACS boleh!

Name: Navin (Homepage)
Country: Malaysia Date: Sat May 11 16:10:32 2002
Comment: hiee...... i'm from serikampar ...
i just past by
good luck for u all ...
spm ..
sport ..


Name: PhucYu (Homepage)
Country: Zimbabwe Date: Sat Apr 27 19:46:29 2002
Comment: come on.... with this homepage?? nonononon u can't do anything with this... put in class photos please.. this is the addition that everyone is waiting for... and also all the clubs. it's one of the worse school homepages i've ever visited... please.. more work needs to be done here

Name: fook choy (Homepage)
Country: malaysia Date: Tue Apr 16 07:25:23 2002
Comment: saya ialah budak balajar di 3kh5 2002
saya sangat handsome

Name: the pong (Homepage)
Country: malayia Date: Sun Apr 7 08:55:05 2002
Comment: happy loh become student of
shok!got a gf

Name: ruffy sin (Homepage)
Country: malaysia Date: Fri Apr 5 14:41:23 2002
Comment: First of all , i'm very proud to be a acs student and i would like to thank swee kin to give me study at acs . thank you . aligato

Name: George Kristan (Homepage)
Country: Singapore Date: Fri Apr 5 13:40:29 2002
Comment: Seems very informative but still have space for improvement. Try to be in some former pupils' shoe, for instance tell us more about teachers, condition of the school under a new principal, administration of the school, and try having a longer description about all the news. What i see was everything it was about football. Even if it's like this, you can tell us who were the scorers, and try writing more, just like what in the newspapers. Anyway, Good Job and well done!

Name: s pong (Homepage)
Country: malayia Date: Thu Apr 4 08:41:53 2002
Comment: i'm very happy to me (ACS) student

Name: Kevin Lee (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun Mar 31 17:40:07 2002
Comment: birthday....celebrate for me....pray that I become fatter and fatter.

Name: ...... (Homepage)
Country: ...... Date: Sun Mar 31 17:37:53 2002
Comment: this website is too outdated.....the information is not new enough and always about those stupid loser (football).

Name: CyLeong (Homepage)
Country: malaysia Date: Mon Mar 18 11:35:47 2002
Comment: hi every1 out there, this web site is quite nice. just some comments from me, i hope that this web site will try to include some latest info's about the school and not the old news. on the other hand, try 2 let others know about this site especially the old students so that they'll get 2 know the school from time 2 time....10 q

Name: khairul hafiz (Homepage)
Country: perak Date: Sat Mar 16 11:58:18 2002

Name: Lee Chee Yin (Homepage)
Country: Date: Wed Mar 13 17:50:43 2002
Comment: School life is a really nice and wonderful time. You will most probably miss your school life later on but you can cherish it from now on. Make use of the time you got now and try to work hard to achieve what you should.

Name: harvinphung (Homepage)
Country: malaysia Date: Thu Jan 31 18:01:31 2002
Comment: hihih all school member me is chee heng ex student acs kampar juz for acs always the best
me is the student 2000 my techer is puan yasmin .she is the good and care teacher in my life.

Name: Ng Choon Hoong (Homepage)
Country: Date: Fri Jan 4 18:07:03 2002
Comment: hamba allah, don't u know that there are so many things we have to consider before we are saying something. I think u r saying that bacause u din have any post. I'm gonna tell u that this thing is happening bacause u r stupid and dunno how to make relationship. Those who success r the one who is smart like those sc1 students.

Name: bin / vinci (Homepage)
Country: m'sia Date: Tue Jan 1 02:35:10 2002
Comment: ok la.....

Name: choon hoong.sin (Homepage)
Country: m'sia Date: Sun Dec 30 20:24:52 2001
Comment: i'm an ex student of this marvellous school...of course u all rarely knew me but talikng bout my nick name....i think most of the '99 form 5 student knew me!!!!!!!i'm in 5 vocational 3...the cooment i would like to said is ...IS REALLY COZ AT LAST OUR SHOOL HAVE IMPROVED A LOT IN many things.......even have its own WEBSITE....CONGRATULATION....ACS...u the great!!!!keep it up!!!

Name: manusia (Homepage)
Country: world Date: Thu Dec 6 03:43:39 2001
Comment: website ini banyak teruk. dan amat kolot cuba update sedikitlah. kalau tidak nanti tak ada orang nak masuk website ini baru tahu. keputusan pun tak ada satu yang baik. jadi tak ada keputusan yang baik jadi tak ada website yang baik lah. STUPID ACS

Name: holand (Homepage)
Country: malaysia Date: Thu Dec 6 03:34:47 2001
Comment: good luck to all the warga acs and study hard don't always play-play ah

Name: tale (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Nov 29 15:42:10 2001
Comment: bagus sekali saya ucapkan kepada pihak sekolah

Name: tale (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Nov 29 15:42:08 2001
Comment: bagus sekali saya ucapkan kepada pihak sekolah

Name: Someone goin 2 be an ex-stu'01 (Homepage)
Country: Malaysia Date: Wed Nov 28 16:00:32 2001
Comment: Ok.....actually I'm kinda miss the school already. When I was having my SPM. It was hard for me to think that I am goin to leave this school. I miss all my schoolmates from the same class and also those younger than me. May God Bless ACS and I hope that in future I can still see it stand firm on the ground with lots of students in. Happy holiday to everyone right now. 29 Nov 2001. 12.05am.

Name: Au Shu Kin (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sat Nov 3 03:44:59 2001
Comment: I had left my high school 6 years ago (1995,5Sc2). I've been through ups and downs. Going to college, university and then MBA school..I have seen a lot of people and places. But one place will always be treasured in my heart. My beloved ACS Kampar. I hope my teachers are all doing fine! I really hope I have the chance to go back to ACS Kampar to recapture all my fun memories. I wish all of you will continue to prosper the name of ACS Kampar. ACS Boleh!

Name: Ho Lee Peng (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Sep 20 04:46:57 2001
Comment: I'm one of the former student of this school and I'm really proud of it. If some of my old friends who see this, please write to me. Best of luck, ACS!!

Name: Hardev Singh (Homepage)
Country: Malaysia Date: Sat Jul 14 05:52:39 2001
Comment: I'm a student in ACS and I'm from class 2kh2.I hope that our school web-site will grow much more better in time to come.For an example we can put in our academics acheviments an also non-academics .

Name: Murid ACS kampar (Homepage)
Country: Date: Wed May 9 14:06:48 2001
Comment: saya sebagai murid acs ingin mendapatkan bantuan pembelajaran tentang komputer secara lebih mendalam, mungkin kelab komputer sekolah dapat menganjurkan sedikit kursus kepada pelajar. Jika boleh kursus yang dianjurkan itu dapat membantu semua pelajar dan tidaklah seperti yang dianjurkan yang lalu iaitu Front Page itu yang tidak dapat digunakan untuk pembelajaran. Oleh itu, saya amat mengharapkan adanya kursus yang dianjurkan oleh sekolah dapat saya sertai. Sekian T

Name: irene lok foong wey (Homepage)
Country: Malaysia Date: Fri Mar 2 14:18:31 2001

Name: ti oh oh beh lor or (Homepage)
Country: Malaysia Date: Fri Mar 2 12:45:30 2001
Comment: Harlow.pls visit 5sc1200 webiste.quite cool.
thanks a lot for your support
u can put our site in your links

Name: Richard (2kh3) (Homepage)
Country: kampar Date: Tue Feb 27 13:35:41 2001
Comment: (ACS) is very good for all dan saya banga jadi anak
murid (acs) kerana it is my old school.
Saya akan tolong semasa (acs) 100 tahun.
saya pun baca di acs juga.tingkatan 2kh3

Name: Sook (Homepage)
Country: Kampar Date: Sat Oct 14 13:18:17 2000
Comment: hi,i'm also from acs kampar.
i just hope that u can put more thing bout our school.especially the history.
that's all i want to said.

Name: mohd hafiz bin omar (Homepage)
Country: perak,malaysia Date: Sat Oct 14 11:27:47 2000
Comment: salam sejahtera...diharap agar pihak yang mengelola website ini lebih prihatin akan keindahan sesebuah website...dengan ini agak bagus di kire daripada yang lain..harap pihak pengelola dapat update dengan link-link yang menarik dan menambat hati para pelayar...harap maklum...sekian terima kasih..

hafiz omar
5 kemanusiaan 4
smk acs kampar

Name: CHEONG POH KHENG (Homepage)
Country: KAMPAR,MALAYSIA Date: Thu Aug 31 06:23:39 2000
Comment: Hello!I'm one of your student.I am studying in form 4.I love to be a student of A.C.S. Kampar because all the teachers here are excellent.The teachers here cannot compare with others school in Malaysia.

Name: Lily (Homepage)
Country: Malaysia Date: Fri Jul 21 15:01:34 2000
Comment: I'm a former student in ACS Kampar. I was very happy when I got to know that this school have a website of its own. But when I got to see this page, I was sad when I found out that many people were looking bad at this website. Actually this website is a new beginning to a better way to promote our school. There is still many should be improve in this website but take it easy, you guys could do it as I remember "MALAYSIA BOLEH, ACS BOLEH", right? Keep it up! One suggestion I wanna give about this

Name: mizan (Homepage)
Country: Malaysia Date: Wed Jul 19 14:12:21 2000
Comment: Saya dulu budak acs untuk spm '99...sehingga ke saat ini saya terhutang budi akan kenangan yang saya perolehi semasa di sekolah dulu...saya fikir tanpa motivasi yang cukup kuat daripada para guru serta persekitaran acs yang mendamaikan, maka tidak mungkin saya berupaya dalam erti kata ketabahan yang cukup kuat untuk terus melanjutkan pelajaran...saya kini menuntut di satu tempat yang agak jauh dari kampung halaman, namun semangat acs tetap membara...kalaulah masa berputar balik di saat semasa sa

Name: lance (Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Jul 4 08:34:34 2000
Comment: need much(many many much more)improvment
dun keep up your bad work

Name: wei chong (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Jun 22 11:26:12 2000
Comment: who's the 2 guy near the gate huh...?

Name: current ACS student (Homepage)
Country: Kampar Date: Tue Apr 18 06:34:47 2000
Comment: Ini saja?....mana gambar pelajarnya?

Name: joseph fang (Homepage)
Country: malaysia Date: Tue Mar 14 18:24:20 2000
Comment: Sorry to inform that your home page is not dual languaged and not up to date . I was from this school till 1972 and was hoping to find some information of our beloved teachers and friends. Can you create an Old Pupil Guest page or a platform where all of us can keep in touch.

Name: Lee Hon kuen (Homepage)
Country: Malaysia Date: Fri Dec 24 18:09:23 1999
Comment: I'm very glad and happy because our school also got homepage but the content inside were not good at all

Name: Lou Ye (Homepage)
Country: Malaysia Date: Sat Jul 10 08:12:16 1999
Comment: hi i'm glad to become the first who sign this guest book.I want to Congratulate the crew who contructed this homepage for their great work!!

Name: chan lai yue (Homepage)
Country: Malaysia Date: Sat Jul 10 08:07:17 1999
Comment: saya ingin mengucapkan Terima kasih kepada Nesak
kerana telah banyak berusaha untuk menyiapkan homepej sekolah.Saya juga rasa bangga kerana sekolah saya kini telah mempunyai hompej yang sendiri.
Ini menunjukkan sekolah kita telah melangkah satu kaki lagi ke hadapan untuk menjadi sekolah bestari

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